It is the policy of LCDF to observe the responsibilities of the patient’s we serve. LCDF patients have the following responsibilities:

• Patient and family are responsible for providing the most accurate and complete information they can about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, unexpected changes in the patient’s condition and other patient health matters.
• LCDF expects reasonable behavior on the part of the patient and family to maximize positive care outcomes. LCDF identifies the patient and family behaviors necessary for positive outcomes and educates accordingly. Reasonable behavior may include the following:

  • Following the plan of care.
  • Expressing concerns regarding their ability to comply.
  • Understanding the consequences of not complying.
  • Patient conduct, i.e.: Verbal and/or physical threats. Threats will not be tolerated and could result in all LCDF services being terminated.

In turn, LCDF makes every effort to adapt the plan to the patient’s specific needs and limitations.

  • Patient and family understand their responsibility for outcomes if they do not follow the plan of care.
  • Patient and family show consideration to other patients and staff and help control noise, smoking and distractions. Patients and family are responsible for respecting the property of others and of LCDF.
  • The patient and family help the staff of LCDF to improve its understanding of the patient’s environment by providing feedback about service needs and expectations.