Supportive housing follows housing first model in which it’s an approach to end all chronic homelessness. Wrap around services in order to help individuals that often are turn away for other housing options and help in maintain their housing by eviction prevention model.


Linkages Rental Assistance Program- agreement with Community of Hope in providing vouchers while LCDF execute services needed per client.


  • Client defined as someone currently receiving services with LCDF.
  • Is homeless, listed below is criteria of homelessness:
    • In places not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, sidewalks, and abandoned buildings.
    • In an emergency shelter.
    • In a transitional housing.
    • Is being evicted from a private dwelling unit.
    • Is being discharge from an institution in which the person has been a resident and has no subsequent residence or resources.
  • Matched with a Community Support Worker (CSW).
  • Diagnosed as having a severe persistent mental illness or substance abuse co-occurring with mental illness
  • Functional Impairment that sustainably interfere with basic living skills, instrumental living skills, functioning in social, family, and vocational/educational context.

This funding will do a background check and Disqualifications in regards to background are taken into account.

MIAEP – Move in Assistance Eviction Prevention Grant

Assistance is to be used for first month rent, damage deposit, utility shut off notice, or eviction prevention.


  • Client diagnosed and documented severe mental illness or co-occurring substance use disorder.
  • Client must be homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Must have income enough to pay all expenses related to housing.
  • Must be a one-time applicant and not received grant previously.
  • Client must be currently receiving behavioral health services.

This assistance is only to be used as a one-time, if in the past you were granted assistance for MIAEP grant, you will not qualify. This grant will be distributed as a one time it is not an ongoing assistance. This funding is a first come first serve and funding is limited there might be a chance that this funding will run out.

Casa Bonita

Treatment Facility occupancy up to 5 clients 3 bedroom house, independent living matched with a CSW at La Clinica de Familia. Length of stay is no more than 90 days in the home.


  • Client is diagnosed as SMI (severe mental illness)
  • Discharge within 60 days from psychiatric treatment center, incarceration, or other institutional setting.
  • Have no immediate prospect of securing housing.
  • Receiving services from LCDF Behavioral Therapist, Medical Provider, and CCSS.
  • A typed letter from Mental Health therapist recommending Casa Bonita as a beneficial place and clinically assessed that client can live independently with minimum supervision in the home.

Contact Information:

Supportive Housing Outreach Coordinator
Silvia Bonilla
100 W. Griggs Las Cruces NM 88001
Office Number 575-647-2800

LLA Local Lead Agency

LLA is an agreement between certain properties and LCDF agency, in which we are able to house individuals first into apartments within a certain time frame.


  • Client is diagnosed as Serious Mental Illness
  • Addictive Disorder (individuals must be in treatment and demonstrated recovery from substance abuse disorder
  • Developmental Disability (mental retardation, autism, or other disability acquire before the age of 22.)
  • Physical, sensory, or cognitive disability occurring after the age of 22.
  • Disability caused by chronic illness (i.e., people with HIV/AIDS who are no longer able to work)
  • Age-related disability frail elderly, or, young adults with other special needs who have been in the foster care or juvenile services system)
  • Households/individuals who are homeless

ONE of the above plus having a service provider that will conduct monthly visits.